Monday, March 1

Iced Moon

Bella Luna! What clear and crisp night it was after the ice and sleet. I was entranced by the way the moon light played on the ice in the trees. I hope you enjoy the full moon and what a really long shutter time can create.

Dutchess the Queen of Smile

Dutchess has a smile that could warm an entire room. What a wonderful shoot; we had a wonderful time roaming the city of Memphis looking for cool backgrounds that complemented her beautiful smile. Dutchess was a natural in front of the camera. I hope you enjoy her pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Monday, August 3

A Southern Bride

WOW! We could not have had a more beautiful afternoon. The Light was gold and soft and Ashley was beautiful. Ashley's iridescent beaded appliqué over satin dress was beautiful especially when the chapel train was fanned over the steps of the old mansion. Her smile was stunning and her blue eyes set the picture. I hope you enjoy these pictures. I had a blast taking them.

Monday, April 13

New Business Cards!!

I thought I would share with you a concept that I have seen before but thought I would put my own twist to it. A 4X6 Photo-Business card. I have enclosed a few for you to see. Very easy to do in Photoshop and then upload to a cheap printer like Sams or Walgreens.

Jennifer in the Big City

This was a wonderful shoot with a wonderful young lady. I am honored to have been able to shoot her senior pictures. There is never a replacement for the light that burns inside of a person. Taking pictures is finding a way to capture the light that can only be seen in an expression or a glance or even the tilt of ones head. Jennifer has that light.